Safeguarding DSL Level 3

  • Safeguarding DSL Level 3

Course Summary

Designated Safeguarding Leads for early year settings, schools and colleges.

This is an advanced course for those who have previously undertaken Safeguarding training up to Level 2.  Please only book this course if you have undertaken level 2.


Keeping children Safe in Education Draft 2020


There is an expectation for Governing bodies and proprietors to appoint a designated safeguarding lead. The designated safeguarding lead should take lead responsibility for safeguarding and child protection (including online safety). The designated safeguarding lead and any deputies should undergo training to provide them with the knowledge and skills required to carry out the role. The training should be updated every two years.


Who is this course for?

This course has been designed for those who hold key safeguarding responsibilities within the organisation. This course will benefit:​​


  • School Designated Safeguarding Leads
  • Vice Principals
  • Deputy Head Teachers
  • Heads of Years
  • School Safeguarding Governors
  • Supervisory staff from nursery, primary and further educational organisations


Aims of the course

Taught by experienced professionals from both a social services, education and policing background, this course will provide delegates with a clear understanding of the Designated Safeguarding Lead role and its main responsibilities.

  • An opportunity to relate subject material to operational context;
  • An opportunity to discuss and identify best practice in the safeguarding arena;
  • An opportunity to better enhance understanding, knowledge and obligations for the specific complexities.
  • Develop professional reliance.
  • Develop a preventative safeguarding Strategy.


Intended Outcomes

Delegates will learn to:

  • Identify, describe and examine the role and main responsibilities of a Designated Safeguarding Lead;
  • Examine their own assessment of child abuse, child sexual exploitation and the impact of these on professional practice.
  • Understand and identify key legislation and guidance contextual to geographical location;
  • Identify what policy means in practice;
  • Identify actions required in a setting to safeguard children and young people;
  • Identify the barriers that prevent children and young people from disclosing abuse;
  • Understand how to respond effectively to a child or young person who does disclose abuse;
  • Understand the barriers which prevent staff from reporting concerns, and how to overcome them;
  • Understand the correct reporting system when concerns about a child or young person are raised;
  • What is likely to happen following a referral to children’s social care or to other relevant agencies depending on location
  • Understand what role the setting has in a multi-agency child protection process;
  • Identify how to record and share information, including confidentiality and culture complexities, safely
  • Understand the emotional impact being a safeguarding lead and the importance of developing professional resilience
  • Learn how to share best practice and mitigate risk to pupils, staff and setting.
Costs and Dates
  • AED 600 per delegate plus 5% VAT = AED 630
  • Dates:
  • Wednesday 10th February 2021 (1:30 to 5:30pm UAE Time)
  • Tuesday 15th June 2021  (12:30 to 4:30pm UAE time)


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