Our Philosophy

The most important asset of any school is its teachers. Highly trained, motivated, inspirational teachers will be the key to improving teaching and learning outcomes. At the heart of this lies good Professional Learning opportunities for teachers. Lifelong ‘infinite’ learning, for students and teachers alike, is the key to success.

Infinite Learning is dedicated to providing the very best professional learning opportunities for teachers in Dubai, the UAE and beyond! We offer an inclusive model (no membership required) and we work with only the best educational providers who have a proven track record – tried and tested by us over the last 11 years.

Education in the 21st century is all about lifelong learning. We do not know what the future holds nor upon which careers our students will embark. The world is developing and changing, rapidly.  We therefore need to equip our students with a skill-set that will enable them to evolve, think on their feet, take risks, become problem solvers and keep learning. If we expect this of our students, then our teachers, our ‘facilitators of learning’ must also continue to learn.

Infinite Leaning firmly believes in a developing process skills that will lead to a more sustainable approach to Professional Learning for teachers and leaders. Wherever possible, we will offer courses that use a blended, more reflective and, therefore, deeper learning approach. Face-to-face Professional Learning then becomes the catalyst for action back in school. We will support and encourage a greater level of in-practice, school-based research and collaboration, both within and amongst schools.

We echo the thoughts of Vicky Beer, Chair of Teaching Schools Council in the UK, and interviewed by Charlie Taylor of NCTL when she described how she would like to see the education profession develop:

‘A strong self-confident profession that takes control of its destiny and ultimately will benefit the children of this country’.

The shift (from CPD or Professional Development) towards the term ‘Professional Learning’ supports this goal and signals the importance of educators taking an active role in their continuous development and places emphasis on their learning. In this context, educators are active partners in determining the content of their learning, how their learning occurs, and how they evaluate its effectiveness.