Using Generative AI with Effect in the School Library: A Beginner’s Guide

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Using Generative AI with Effect in the School Library: A Beginner’s Guide

NOTE:  For our e-learning training you will require a connection with camera and microphone ability.  When training, cameras are expected to be on, and when asked to respond via the chat, comments to be added.  This is to show engagement and attendance.  If there is no camera or engagement certification cannot be issued.

Programme Overview
Using Generative AI with Effect in the School Library: A Beginner’s Guide
Delivery Model Online Face to Face session
What is Included
  • Certificate of attendance.
  • Course material (if applicable).
  • AED 480 per delegate plus 5% VAT
  • Discounts available for 3 or more delegates from the same school
Deadline booking date
Wednesday 16th October 2024
Training dates
Monday 25th November 2024
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm (UAE time)
Programme breakdown
  • Two 2-hour online, live facilitated sessions.
  • Participant self-directed personal exercise time.
  • Opportunity to ask questions and meet other delegates via ZOOM.
Platform ZOOM
Target audience

PRIMARY and SECONDARY School librarians who have responsibility for choosing technical and digital products for use in their school library or who wish to find out more about how it might be used.

Aims of the course

This course draws upon that experience looking at the application of digital initiatives for the learning environment and takes some examples from her recently published book. Sarah is passionate about the use of technology within school libraries and believes that library staff can be the drivers of innovation and inspiration. The course will provide a taster of how this might be achieved.

Intended outcomes

An understanding of how AI tools can be used ethically whether within school or at home to assist with extended writing projects and revision.

Knowledge of a wider range of AI technology beyond Chat GPT so specific sites can be used for specific elements in the essay writing or revision process.

An awareness of the depth of vocabulary and understanding of a topic needed to use AI tools effectively and with academic integrity.

Sarah Pavey

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Sarah Pavey has worked as a teacher librarian for many years, both in the independent and maintained sectors in the UK. She has published several professional books and is also a co-author of "The Innovative School Librarian". Her new publication “Playing Games in the School Library” was published in September 2021. Sarah has spoken at numerous teaching and library conferences and training events, most recently at the World Education Summit. Sarah holds a post 16 teaching certificate and is involved with the training of teachers and librarians on a regular basis in a variety of areas.

Recently there has been a huge explosion in the availability of free generative AI products and as librarians these can help us save time in many different ways if we use them ethically and creatively. This course will explore the origins of this technology and then show you how to write an effective prompt to ensure the best possible results that save you time! We will also look at the different types of product that are available for creating both text and images, giving you insight into the best AI choice for the task you need to achieve. This could be a dynamic poster, a guide to using a library resource, your annual report – there are no limits.

Sarah Pavey
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