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Richard (Rick) is called "truly international,” born in Toronto, Canada, and raised in Chicago, Illinois and London, England. He subsequently has lived and worked in eleven countries, trained in over fifty-five. Valuably, he lived in the Gulf for 15 years. Bahrain, Dubai, and Muscat, but has trained all over the GCC many times then and since. He says, “you need to be versatile, relevant and credible today to meet many new challenges we face.” He trains from his extensive practical experience as a leader and manager. It is not just from books. His stories illustrate and inform. He is now based in Dubai, but also works worldwide. Richard’s career has been usefully varied and he works hard to remain relevant in many areas. His corporate career was grounded in sales and customer service, that later evolved unexpectedly but successfully into a full range of training and development subjects. Rick says, “I completed hundreds of training events and presentations around the world, and each one taught me something I bring to my training today.” Richard has commercial career experience with companies of excellence such as Qantas Airways London, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in Holland, Dubai Petroleum Company, and Emirates Airlines, Dubai. During his rich career, he has held challenging positions such as Sales Representative, District Sales Manager, Customer Relations Manager, Leadership Skills Training Manager, Head of Training and Assistant Director Leadership & Learning. At intervals he has taken a break from training to attend university, to extend his qualifications in training and development, consumer relations, leadership, and customer service issues. Richard incorporates his valuable background into appropriate training of various levels in Leadership and Management subjects. He believes in bringing innovative and creative ideas to his training that engage and enthuse his audiences worldwide. He has delivered hundreds of presentations, from small seminars, and informal one-to-one presentations, to large formal presentations for up to five hundred guests. Very importantly, his credibility in the subjects he focuses on is through experiencing them as an employee, and then manager during his career, and then translating this experience into successful delivery of presentations, workshops, and seminars. He has a strategy in place that sustains the learning longer and adds additional value leading to higher return on investment for his clients and partners. By being in touch with the world and your region, Richard develops current and timely analogies and 'themes' that his groups connect with quickly and use to accelerate and enhance their learning. During the year he visits successful global companies’ headquarters, to assess their strategies and methods of business in order to keep himself relevant and up to date. Richard observes, “There are many reference points around us, and it is important to use them.” To explain his approach to learning, he often quotes the old eastern proverb, “I hear and forget, I see and remember, but I do and then understand." Each course is researched so it develops hour by hour and never loses interest. It includes stories, scenarios, case studies, games, simulations, exercises, and many discussions. You ARE involved. His training is highly interactive, varied, engaging and fun. He believes in bringing CARE to his work. Comprehension and Application from the training brought back to the workplace which can lead to Results Excellence to the companies he consults and trains for.