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Jenny Phillips has almost thirty years’ experience in the educational sector, roles include lecturer, teacher, trainer, manager, senior leader, inspector, coach and educational consultant. One of Jenny’s many passions is lifelong learning in multiple environments. She’s worked in all sectors supporting teachers, leaders and managers in educational and workplace settings to integrate vocational and competency-based learning enabling progression and independence. Jenny’s road into a career in education was far from straightforward. A background in industry including running businesses for herself and others never quite fulfilled the early dream of a career in teaching. The big break came to study part-time whilst continued to work and support her two children through their education. Jenny volunteered to gain teaching experience every evening whilst continuing in full-time employment and study, which lead to part-time paid work training teachers IT, computing and business studies. Jenny found her vocation and combined 10 teaching contracts with part-time work to support the family. Before long she gained a full-time college lecturer position, continued teaching nights and weekends and thrived on gaining 38 qualifications including 6 degrees at first and master’s levels in just 6 years. After Jenny rose through the ranks of manager and leader, she founded her highly successful consultancy business applying her transferable skills and knowledge, continuing with her own CPD by studying education at doctoral level. She is also currently is providing training as an Incyte International LTD Consultant.