Meet our Partners

Working collaboratively with our ‘Partner Schools’

Infinite Learning is proud and delighted to introduce its Partner Schools. We have chosen the word ‘Partner’ carefully. We envisage that this will be a long and mutually beneficial ‘partnership’ driven by a common belief in the importance and value of Professional Learning opportunities for teachers and leaders. Infinite Learning firmly believes in the value and potential of Professional Learning through collaboration. To this end, we hope, over time, that our Partner Schools may form an active Professional Learning network, where Joint Professional Development projects, Action Research teams and a greater level of interaction generally become the norm. By agreeing to host events for us, these schools are demonstrating to their staff, their parents, their students, and the wider community, including other schools and potential future staff, their belief in and commitment to Professional Learning. They form an integral part of the Infinite Learning team helping to improve teaching and learning standards in the Middle East and beyond. If you are interested in becoming an Infinite Learning Partner School, please contact us.






The Philippines