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The School Leader Inventory Resident Facilitator Programme

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The School Leader Inventory Resident Facilitator Programme

Programme Overview
Resident SLi Resident Facilitator Programme
Delivery ModelSelf-paced / Self-study
What is Included
  • Online six-module programme, comprising of videos, audio and inter session activities.  Approximate ten study hours.  
  • The programme includes access to the framework, online diagnostic, a comprehensive facilitator handbook and a toolkit of techniques to support leader behaviour and development.
  • Bonus Content:
    • Set of PDF SLi conversation flashcards
    • PDF copy of ‘Challenge Choice Change’ by Dr Lesley Hunter
    • PDF copy of ‘Keep Soaring’ by Dr Lesley Hunter & Dr Maggie Wright
    • PDF copy of ‘30-Day Action Planning to Accelerate Improvement by Dr Lesley Hunter
  • AED 1250 per delegate plus 5% VAT
  • Discounts available for 5 or more delegates from the same school


Target audience

Members of senior staff who can support and influence the work of others in the school – senior leaders, head of year, etc.

Aims of the course

To provide a framework for a shared vocabulary across the leadership in the school. 

To build internal leadership capacity by training resident facilitators to support the implementation of the SLi in their own school. 

To help school leaders:

  • accelerate improvement
  • facilitate development
  • maintain well-being
Intended outcomes

Participants will:

  • Understand the structure of the SLi Framework.
  • Understand how the SLi can support a leader’s performance.
  • Understand how the SLi can support a leader’s well-being.
  • Know how to introduce a leader to the SLi and how to facilitate their completion of the online SLi diagnostic.
  • Be able to interpret an individual leader’s SLi profile report and action plan.
  • Be able to interpret the SLi facilitator report.
  • Recognise the most relevant techniques to support a leader based on their profile report.
  • Have experienced, and know how to deliver, the core techniques in the SLi Toolkit to support a leader’s development.
  • Have access to a bank of additional developmental resources to use in your own school for future CPD, leadership development, self-evaluation and school improvement activities.

Lesley Hunter

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Dr Lesley Hunter is an international speaker, coach and specialist in leader development and school improvement. She established one of the original inspection and training consultancies in the UK. She spent 12 years leading Ofsted inspections in schools and delivering accredited training and CPD for school leaders before moving on to work specifically with groups of schools requiring improvement and individual schools aiming to move to outstanding. Lesley has worked extensively as a strategic consultant, government advisor and leadership coach across the UK and Middle East. Her interest is in developing leaders to build capacity and sustainability at all levels in education, from individual schools to government level. Her strategic work focuses on the development and implementation of professional development programmes at national level, including robust project management and forensic evaluation of impact and outcomes. Lesley’s research with over 600 school leaders established The School Leader Inventory (SLi) - a behavioural framework, diagnostic and toolkit to help leaders face the challenges in education and promote authentic self-evaluation and school improvement.
Self-paced course with six modules as outlined below.  

Module 1: The SLi framework

  • Introducing the 6 behavioural dimensions, 18 behavioural elements, 4 influencing factors and understanding the structure of the framework.

Module 2: The SLi diagnostic and reports 

  • Introducing the online diagnostic, individual profile report and facilitator coaching report. How to interpret a report and action plan.

Module 3: Balancing performance and well-being

  • Combining the behavioural dimensions and analysing the balance between performance and well-being profiles.

Module 4: Exploring the SLi toolkit for performance

  • Tools and techniques to support the behavioural elements contributing to a leader’s performance.

Module 5: Exploring the SLi toolkit for well-being  

  • Tools and techniques to support the behavioural elements contributing to a leader’s well-being.

Module 6:   Facilitating the SLi

  • How to use the SLi to build leadership capacity by promoting shared vocabulary, creating development pathways and supporting leaders within your own school.





Lesley Hunter
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