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Programme Overview

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Delivery ModelSelf-paced / Self-study
What is Included
  • Fifteen modules to complete at your own pace.
  • The programme includes video-clips, PowerPoints and an end of course self-assessment task. 
  • AED 120 per delegate plus 5% VAT


Target audience

Non-specialists who are teaching physics at GCSE level.

Aims of the course

To engage and inspire.

Intended outcomes

To engage and inspire!

To reinforce knowledge and understanding of Physics topics at GCSE level.

To identify barriers to learning and learn strategies to overcome them.

To give confidence in tackling practical work.

Philip Jones

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2 students
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As Director of Learning of The Physics Factory in England, I gained national acclaim for improving the quality of physics teaching. Hundreds of teachers have benefitted from my diligent and thoughtful approach to teaching physics. The wide variety of teachers I’ve worked with will all testify to my dedication and supportive approach. Above all the students I teach very soon ‘pick up’ on my genuine concern for their success in what some perceive to be a difficult and inaccessible subject.
Self-paced course with fifteen modules – to be completed at your own pace.

These ‘engaging’ physics courses are aimed at teachers who are non-specialists who want to develop their subject knowledge and learn about ‘easy to implement’ strategies to engage their students.


Module 1:   Discovery of radioactivity
Module 2:   Radium water jars
Module 3:   Radium girls
Module 4:   Development of atomic theory
Module 5:   Good use of models
Module 6:   Background radiation
Module 7:   Measuring count rate
Module 8:   Spark counter
Module 9:   Radiation lab
Module 10:   Ionisation model
Module 11:   Irradiation and contamination
Module 12:   Randomness of radioactive decay
Module 13:   Half-life
Module 14:   Nuclear fission
Module 15:   Nuclear reactor






Philip Jones
15 modules