Pam Mundy

Pam Mundy

A highly experienced international leader, speaker and author, with a specialism in Early Years, Pam currently works on school improvement, quality assurance, professional development, challenge, strategic support and guidance, start – up and implementation strategy for a wide range of 0-18 international nurseries, kindergartens, school groups, Early Years Centres and Nursery Schools, government agencies and Ministries of Education internationally. Her current work and recent experience includes; the UK, SE Asia, the USA, South America, Chile, West Africa, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, India, the Caribbean, Russia and Colombia with a focus on Early Years, school improvement, leadership, learning, teaching, curriculum and assessment.


She has recently held the strategic positions of; Director of Education, St Albans School International, Chief Academic Officer for Knightsbridge Schools International and Director for Quality Assurance and Professional Development for the World Class Learning Group, based in Houston, Texas. Pam works with a wide range of curricula, learning, teaching and assessment programmes, including; British National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage, PYP, MYP and IB Diploma, International Early Years Curriculum, IEYC, IPC and IMYC. She is a freelance consultant for the BBC and Channel 4 Learning on a range of educational and on-line programmes for Early Years and Primary Schools and co-authored the Oxford University Press online Early Years Leadership programme.


Alongside her school and school group support and development, Pam has experience as a UK Ofsted Inspector, CIS Team Member and Chairs the Chatmore British International Schools Advisory Board in Bermuda, and holds board roles with the Knightsbridge School, London, England, the Curriculum Foundation, the ReadyGeneration UK Steering Group and is a Trustee for the UK ‘Belong’ Intergenerational Nursery. She is a non-executive Director and Chair of the Education Committee for ACS International.


Pam previously worked with the National College for School Leadership in the UK as Lead Associate for Early Years; supporting Early Years Teaching Schools, Academies, representing the National College at National and International conferences and leading the National Children’s Centre Leadership Network, building on from her role as Principal Adviser for Early Years and Primary Schools in West Sussex. Pam also worked with the British Government Department for Education on the development of the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile and led the development and roll out of the national EYFSP Moderator Accreditation programme. She is currently supporting the 2020 revision of the EYFS Framework, EYFS Profile and the introduction of the new Reception Baseline Assessment. Pam is a passionate advocate for learning, teaching and leadership and the significant impact that the earliest years have on children’s cultural and holistic life and future success.


Pam’s career to date spans teaching experiences with children and young people from 0-18 in a number of widely differing Primary Schools, Headships of UK and International Primary Schools and as Principal Adviser for Early Years and Primary. She continues to learn and extend her skills in the role of consultant and as a result of her exciting and increasingly diverse networking with schools and organisations. She remains firmly committed to the belief that, as the artist Paul Klee once said, ‘Childhood is a Dream – where EVERYTHING is possible…!’ Her aim is to support schools to make it so!


School Improvement Support


Pam is able to offer a range of support services for School Improvement, bespoke to each school, school group or organisation, including review, analysis and improvement of quality in all aspects of: early years, leadership at all levels, teaching and learning, assessment, school development both at school and wider group level


  • Early Years leadership, learning, teaching and assessment
  • Preparation for whole school review, audit and inspection
  • Identification and analysis of Professional Development needs
  • Support and development for new and experienced leaders
  • Strategic Planning for Improvement and Innovation
  • Recruitment and Retention Guidance
  • Design and development of learning spaces
  • Leadership and team coaching
  • Policy updates (UK and International)
  • Engaging with existing and potential parents
  • Board level design and development