In partnership with:

In response to demand from schools, we are now supplying a range of facilitated online courses on specific School Business Support topics. The courses focus on school improvement through School Business Support development. The content complements, but does not replace, the highly revered NPQ content framework. We are currently offering the following leadership course:


Developing your Personal Resilience

Infinite Learning is delivering these courses in partnership with NEON Learning. NEON is a not for profit organisation and the UKs foremost supplier of fully facilitated 2-week online courses to DfE providers.

The courses are aimed at school leaders at all levels and in all settings. They encourage collaboration and sharing through networked online learning. We are able to provide courses to:

  • Individual leaders at any level in schools
  • A group of leaders from an individual school or group of schools

What our online courses offer?

Our online courses offer ‘anywhere, anytime’ blended learning with a carefully constructed balance of activities that engage participants and stimulate research, reflection and discussion. An online facilitator with wide experience of school leadership supports and challenges each participant. Each course provides 8-12 hours of facilitated learning, spread across 2 weeks – equivalent to two F2F days, including up-to-date theory, research, and DfE requirements related to topic.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive an Infinite Learning/NEON Certificate of Professional Learning.


This is an on-line self-study course. Delegates can complete the modules, at their own pace, over a period of 2 weeks.  There will then be a ‘facilitator’ that adds in comments in the discussion areas, ask questions of the delegates individually and at group level to stimulate conversation and further reflection. There are no live sessions.