We are very excited to announce the launch of our bespoke School Aladdin Compliance App, in partnership with SGE Group International the developers of the Aladdin Maintenance

Management Software.


What is the Aladdin Compliance App?

The Aladdin Compliance App works as both a Web-based App with an Android App to use in the field. It enables schools to demonstrate compliance with the Covid-19 checklist based on the Schools Re-opening Protocol Directive, as established by the UAE Government in August 2020.


How can the Aladdin Compliance App help and support your Covid-19 compliance checks in school?

  1. Makes Auditing Easy – the Compliance App comes with a fantastic, easy-to-understand, simple and intuitive user interface. You do not need any technical knowledge to implement the auditing tool, though free training and support is provided (see below).
  2. Makes Auditing Efficient – because it is so easy to use, the Compliance App can perform the most challenging and complex of audits, simply and more efficiently, in the field.
  3. Identifies key areas for improvement – through the use of consistent checklists, matched against the UAE Government Regulations, the Aladdin Compliance App audit provides evidence and recommendations for areas of improvement.
  4. Generates a report at the touch of a button – the audit report is highly intuitive and professional. Internally, it helps schools to take the data-driven, evidence-based decisions it needs to, to ensure the school is fully compliant. Externally, this report can be downloaded or printed out and shared with the relevant regulatory authorities such as the DHA, KHDA or equivalent in your region as evidence of the school’s compliance.
  5. Ensures your school is compliant – the Compliance App helps in verifying Licensing Compliance and monitoring Quality Assurance with tested checklists which satisfy regulatory requirements
  6. It can be extended to accommodate other important school audits or regional guidelines – the Aladdin Compliance App has Advanced Auditing features enabling it to manage Compliance management, Environment Health and Safety management, Inspection management, Quality Assurance management. We can even create bespoke checklists for your school or add generic checklist that suits multiple schools. Although the current checklist is based on UAE Guidance, we are happy to take other regional guidelines and create new checklists. Depending on the work required for customization there may be a premium added to the price.


What have schools that have used the Compliance App said?

“The mobile app was easy to install and intuitive to use if you are familiar with the guidelines.  Field auditing could be completed in real time with photo evidence if needed so issues could be immediately recorded.  The templated report allowed easy production of a fully evidenced report for the team to follow up on and as documentation for third parties of the on going internal audit process. The Aladdin team were on hand to help through every step of the way and happy to listen to and act on feedback”.  Rachel Blakemore, Head of Finance and Property, JESS Dubai


How does the Compliance App work?

    • Download the App and or login to the web application
    • The relevant school team members carry out their compliance inspections – the process can be set-up as a daily, weekly, or monthly inspection
    • A documented report, with a scoring system and recommendations for improvements, is generated
    • Evidence is provided to the regulatory authorities in the form of a final report


Please review the links below for further information:

Introductory Video

View Sample Report

View Sample Report

What training and/or technical support will I get when I purchase the Compliance App?

The Aladdin Maintenance Management Software developers are committed to providing the highest level of training and technical support. Telephone and email support are available during UAE office hours. As part of the introductory pricing offer, they will be running free weekly online training sessions for the first two months. Monthly free training will continue after the first two months, schedule will be issued to all subscribers.


How much will the Compliance App cost?

    1. Introductory special offer for the first 10 schools that sign up! AED 1500 for the year (25% off – one payment)
    2. Yearly – AED 2000 per year (2 months for free)
    3. Quarterly – AED 550 per quarter (Total AED 2200)
    4. Monthly – AED 200 per month over 12 months (Total AED 2,400)

How do I sign up?

Complete the online order form

Note for schools outside of the UAE

For schools outside the UAE, if there are similar regulations in your country, it is possible for the checklist to be localized in conjunction with our team.  However, we feel the UAE checklist is comprehensive and will cover the most critical issues in most schools in most countries.