The Safeguarding Alliance and Infinite Learning – delighted to announce their Partnership!


The Safeguarding Alliance and Infinite Learning are excited to announce their Partnership. Both organisations are committed to ensuring that the highest possible standard of Safeguarding practice is firmly embedded across all relevant industries in the region.

In Partnership with Infinite Learning, The Safeguarding Alliance have launched The Safeguarding Standard in the UAE. The Safeguarding Standard is an international quality benchmark for any organisation working with children, young people and vulnerable adults. It supports the organisation to ensure that Safeguarding is fully embedded in all aspects of operational and strategic practice.

The Safeguarding Standard, which acts as a full external Safeguarding audit, has been carefully designed to ensure that best Safeguarding practice can be evidenced throughout Parts 1 – 8 of the British School Overseas (‘BSO’) Standards. Undertaking The Safeguarding Alliance Standard offers Schools the opportunity to effectively demonstrate how they have gone beyond the Statutory requirements prescribed by the BSO Standards and DSIB.

The Standard is carried out over a three-day audit and accreditation is awarded to those that meet the Standard, in order to evidence outstanding Safeguarding practice.

The Safeguarding Standard gives the successful organisation four successful outcomes:

  1. External Validation: a Certificate which declares both the organisation’s compliance with these high standards and a statement of quality;
  2. Quality Report: to support the organisation’s internal work, and ongoing development and improvement;
  3. Safeguarding Alliance Accreditation: to allow the organisation to demonstrate externally, that Safeguarding is given the utmost priority, which in return increases customer confidence;
  4. Continued Support: a 12-month and a 24-month review allows the organisation to ensure continued professional best practice in Safeguarding is maintained, both as an organisation and individually.

In September, The Safeguarding Alliance, in Partnership with Infinite Learning, successfully completed its first Safeguarding Standard Audit in the UAE, at Jumeirah English Speaking School, Dubai.

The Safeguarding Standard is now available across the region. For further information and enquiries please contact