Natalie Croome is a cross-curricular generalist, specialising in helping teams hone in on just what it is that student learning is showing them about possible areas of focus for teacher and/or leader learning. Using Professional Learning Standards as drivers in the design of of high-quality Professional Learning Programmes, Natalie guides teams of leaders through engaging inquiries, honing in on connecting teacher learning to student learning.

Natalie brings a fresh, adaptable and flexible approach to her work in leading Professional Learning; keeping it open to questions, research and taking a personal approach to the design process.

In this way, she involves Professional Learners in the whole process, from identifying the focus area/s, designing the learning, facilitation, school-based practice, sharing findings, asking new questions…

Areas of expertise include: teacher identity, the ethics and professional practice of international education, global education pedagogies, andragogy, collaborative inquiry, Cognitive Coaching, Interdisciplinary & Transdisciplinary Approaches to teaching and Learning collaborative happiness, curriculum design, implementation and practice.

Natalie combines a professional approach with a sense of fun and a passion for connecting with people, building relationships and leveraging curiosity, creativity and play as powerful learning tools.


Bilingual & Multilingual Classrooms: Supporting young language learners, across the curriculum



“Collaborating with Natalie led us to experience the value of a collective perspective on professional learning. She led us through a design process which focused on collaborative inquiry involving the leaders of learning in making change through workshops and reflective application in schools and classrooms. Natalie’s approach met individual needs, as well as those of the whole group. Her focus supported us in achieving our school wide goals. Natalie’s incorporation of research-based best practice and application within particular school environments contextualized our learning and brought authentic results.


Through teamwork and collaboration, our work together as a leadership team was targeted, on-going and active.  You guided us in building our knowledge and skills through challenging our beliefs and attitudes.’


  1. Delegates will need to have Zoom downloaded on their devices for the virtual learning sessions