Welcome to perhaps the most important area of our website!

  • Under ‘Calendar of Events’ you can access information about the scheduled courses taking place throughout the year.
  • NPQS – we offer the NPQH, NPQSL and NPQML. All courses are run in-country (no requirement to return to the UK). Please visit our NPQ web page for more information.
  • Bespoke Training and Consultancy’ is all about meeting the individual needs of schools, tailoring courses and sourcing providers that fit your exact requirements. Please feel free to contact us directly if you are looking for any in-school training.
  • eLearning Our eLearning courses are a great and cost-effective way to support face-to-face Professional Learning. To support the Teacher Licensing in Dubai process, we offer the 6 KHDA Mandatory Professional Development for Educators and the 4 UAE Teacher Standards as eLearning courses. Additional eLearning courses will be coming soon.
  • Certified Programmes – We offer a variety of certified and accredited programmes, qualifications and professional awards. This includes all the NPQ progrmames, our KHDA -approved Mandatory Professional Development courses, as well as some Face-to-Face Safeguarding and Counselling courses.