Write Inspired – Bringing creativity and engagement to writing

  • Write Inspired – Bringing creativity and engagement to writing

About Philip Davis and Write Inspired:

Write Inspired is based in London, UK. It provides both Inset and specially designed in-house CPD where Philip Davis demonstrates the efficacy of his techniques with classes. Philip has now worked with many thousands of children all over the world. He has worked in all sectors, state, private and international.

Write Inspired also delivers project-based consultancy working with many classes within a school and alongside Senior management and staff in meetings focusing on the development of a more creative curriculum.

To find out more about Write Inspired please visit writeinspired.co.uk

About the Trainer

Philip Davis has 29 years of experience as a teacher, senior leader and education consultant.

He has been in demand all over the world to share his inspiring methodology to help children write and express themselves with a real sense of voice and purpose.

He created the acclaimed Beat it and Move it series of resources to generate a dynamic environment in the classroom. He is also the creator of Picture the Music software and Sounds Inspirational.
He has recently been appointed as an honorary research associate at King’s College London looking at creative pedagogy in education and beyond. He spoke at an international conference in Rome about this in 2019.
He is a passionate advocate of building authenticity in writing and motivating a purposeful approach to learning by developing the individual voice.
His work has been featured on BBC Radio 4 with Michael Rosen and in various educational publications.

Programme Overview


Topic Enhancing Personal Impact
Delivery Model A two-week programme, with a 120-minute live session each week, plus relevant follow up task.
  • AED 840 per delegate including VAT
  • Booking Deadline: Wednesday 3rd November 2021
  • Discount available for bookings of 5 or more members of staff from the same school
  • If you wish to make an in-school booking for ten or more of your staff, please contact Rebecca Annand on rebecca@infinitelearning.ae
Dates & Times *


Face to Face Online sessions 4 hour programme breakdown
  • Session 1:  Monday 22nd November 2021 – 4pm to 6pm
  • Session 2: Monday 29th November 2021 – 4pm to 6pm
  • 2 x 120-minute sessions
  • 4 hours online facilitation
  • Participant self-directed personal exercise time
Times are UAE Time

Programme Details

Over the course you will learn and experience the fundamental elements of Write Inspired. You will be given unique practical ideas to bring more authenticity and engagement to your writing sessions. It is highly practical with additional creative activities for you to try between each session. Templates and other resources are provided so that you can take your new skills straight into the classroom.

Live Sessions using ZOOM

Session 1:
The nature of ideas and how to organise them

How do we get ideas? What skills to use to inspire them. How to create a dynamic learning environment conducive to idea generation. How to use unique Write Inspired graphic organisers.

Imagination and sounds

How do we inspire imagination and develop it? Understanding the power of sound to inspire ideas. The nature of sound and how it affects us. Simple sonic activities to use in the classroom.
Understanding subjective sonic vocabulary.

Session 2:
In-depth activities

A detailed look at Dice Write – the brand new Write Inspired resource to inspire story and poetry. Very popular with children of all ages with a wide variety of uses. Delegates will receive a copy of the Dice Write Resource. We will also look at reducing anxiety about writing, one of the biggest barriers to it.

Write Inspired in action

A look at different practical applications of Write Inspired from all over the world. Discover how to use sound to enhance narrative, create and use 3D models to develop poetry, character and narrative and many other practical ideas for you to use in the classroom.

In addition to this content delegates will be invited to try out some practical sessions either with a class or on their own. There will then be opportunity to ask questions in the following session.

All delegates will receive a comprehensive course e-booklet including specially recorded sounds to use as well as the new Write Inspired book of templates to help them get started straight away.


Who Should Attend?
  • Leaders responsible for English language and literacy in the primary sector. Primary class teachers and teaching assistants in both Key Stage 1
    and Key Stage 2
Aims of the Course

It is well documented that there is a need for more creativity in the curriculum. This acclaimed practical course will:

  • explore the barriers to writing and how to overcome them
  • inject a dynamic purposeful approach to writing sessions
  • turn what can be perceived as a chore into something magical, engaging and transformative


Intended Outcomes

Teachers will:

  • Increase their knowledge of creative learning techniques that work
  • Understand how to use unique graphic organisers to develop ideas
  • Be able to support self esteem and confidence in all writers



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‘Exceptional. Everyone gains so much.’ Sharon Gray OBE


‘Absolutely fantastic. I have never felt so engaged in a talk in my life.’


‘Amazing ideas which have reignited my passion for teaching writing.’


‘Today was full of ideas, inspiration and really useful skills that I cannot wait to start using in class.’

For more information please email us on info@infinitelearning.ae