Well-being through Covid-19

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Well-being through Covid-19

  • Well-being through Covid-19

A practical approach to supporting the well-being of yourself and your students

A collaborative approach to developing your personal well-being and applying this knowledge to your classrooms and school.

Programme Overview
  • A twelve-hour, six-week programme, with a 1-hour live session each week
  • Readings and activities will be set before, between and after the F2F sessions
Session 1: Introduction
  • An introduction to personal well-being practice
    • Mindfulness
    • Journaling
    • Kindness
    • Gratitude
  • Introduction to positive psychology
Session 2: Why Well-Being and Dealing with Stress
  • Understanding the importance of well-being
  • Exploring the importance of well-being to support learning.
  • The biology and psychology of stress
  • Understanding how we ‘function’ focusing and exploring how to deal with stress effectively.
  • The importance of human connection and relationships
Session 3: Relationships
  • The importance of relationships
  • Practical approaches to relationship development in the classroom.
  • The importance of empathy
  • Classroom climate and learning
Session 4: Hedonic adaptation and Annoying features of the mind
  • The science of ‘happiness’
  • Hedonic adaptation and our well-being
  • Annoying features of the mind
  • Our mind as a thought simulator – Dan Gilbert
Session 5: Gratitude, Kindness and journaling
  • Practical approaches for the use gratitude and kindness
  • Developing a positive school climate
  • Gratitude, Kindness and journaling and building a positive sense of self
Session 6: Resilience
  • What is resilience
  • Well-being practices and developing resilience.
  • Factors that relate to resilience and how they can be developed
  • Day to day approaches and practices
  • Importance of challenge in and outside the classroom


Programme Content

Face-to-Face Online Sessions

  • Group Call 1: Date to be arranged
  • Group Call 2: Date to be arranged
  • Group Call 3: Date to be arranged
  • Group Call 4: Date to be arranged
  • Group Call 5: Date to be arranged
  • Group Call 6: Date to be arranged

12 Hours Programme Breakdown

  • 1-hour pre-course prep
  • 6 hours online facilitation
  • 4 hours offline reading / reflection / application
  • 1-hour post-course application / reflection
Costs and Dates
  • In-school group training available.  Please contact Rebecca Annand for costs and dates – rebecca@infinitelearning.ae