The Role of Inquiry in Mathematics

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The Role of Inquiry in Mathematics

Programme Overview
The Role of Inquiry in Mathematics: Exploring number, measurement, space & shape with manipulatives
Delivery ModelFace to Face sessions
What is Included
  • Certificate of attendance.
  • Course material.
  • Refreshments and lunch (if applicable).
  • AED 1800 per delegate plus 5% VAT
  • Discounts available for 3 or more delegates from the same school.
  • If you would like bespoke, in-school training, please contact Rebecca ( for more information.
Deadline booking date

Wednesday 5th January 2022

Date of TrainingThursday 20th January 2022 – Day 1
Thursday 26th May 2022 – Day 2
Time (UAE)8:30am to 4:00pm – Day 1
8:30am to 3:30pm – Day 2
VenueDubai – to be confirmed

Please note: 
If COVID restrictions are introduced, this course will become an online training session.

Target audience

PRIMARY Mathematics Teachers K – 5, SEN Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Mathematics Curriculum Coordinators, Grade Level Team Leaders.


Aims of the course
  • To explore the researched-based rationale for bringing a spirit of inquiry to the teaching and learning of mathematical knowledge, skills, and understandings. 
  • Participants will actively develop their own knowledge and understanding of the key aspects of Mathematical Inquiry and its power to transform mathematics lessons into powerful learning experiences, full of enjoyment!
Intended outcomes
  • Define Mathematical inquiry
  • Explore possible inquiry structures
  • Describe teaching and learning practices in an inquiry classroom
  • Explore the benefits of using manipulatives to support students in developing conceptual understandings of Mathematics
  • Experience, first-hand, a mathematics lesson designed to develop understanding of a mathematical concept, using manipulatives
  • Use your written curriculum to inform your inquiry-based planning and teaching of mathematics using manipulatives
  • Adapt teaching and learning approaches to become increasingly inquiry-based practitioners
  • Design mathematical inquiry tasks
  • Reflect on Learner Performance on teacher designed inquiry tasks
  • Engage in action research at your school site and reflect on its impact through analysing several forms of data on student performance

Natalie Croome

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Natalie Croome is a cross-curricular generalist, specialising in helping teams hone in on just what it is that student learning is showing them about possible areas of focus for teacher and/or leader learning. Using Professional Learning Standards as drivers in the design of high-quality Professional Learning Programmes, Natalie guides teams of leaders through engaging inquiries, honing in on connecting teacher learning to student learning.

Programme details:

The Role of Inquiry in Mathematics:  Exploring number, measurement, space & shape with manipulatives.

Why a two-day course?  To align with professional experience and research about learning that has IMPACT on practice, this course is designed to maximise opportunities for “learning by doing” through a period of implementation of the theories and practices in YOUR classroom, with YOUR students.


Day One
08:30 Registration and refreshments
08:45 Mathematical Inquiry…What it is and What it isn’t

Mathematical Inquiry in Action – A sample lesson

Reading and discussion: Becoming an Increasingly Inquiry- based Teacher

10:30 Coffee Break
10:45 Increased / decreased emphasis for Mathematical inquiry practices

Four Inquiry Structures: From guided to free inquiry: The where, why, and how of using manipulatives

12:45 Lunch Break
13:30 Making connections with your written curriculum: Big ideas & understandings for the teaching and learning of mathematics

Designing & Planning for Inquiry: Preparing for new teaching and learning strategies in your classroom

Sharing Extended Learning tasks for classroom application

16:00 Finish


Day Two
08:30 Registration and refreshments
08:45 Analysing Student Work – Working Backwards: What type of inquiry was the student engaging in?

Sharing YOUR practiced-based experiences from application of strategies designed on Day 1 – share peer feedback

10:30 Coffee Break
10:45 Types of Inquiry – developing familiarity with types of inquiry through analysing YOUR student/s’ work

Mathematical Inquiry in Action – Revisiting Inquiry Structures: Adapting tasks according to identified inquiry structures

12:45 Lunch Break
13:30 Planning for Mathematical Inquiry: Collaborative design of four inquiry tasks for your students

Finding opportunities for Mathematical Inquiry in YOUR Written Curriculum – next steps

15:30 Finish


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ITeach Solutions Pty. Ltd. values and is committed to:

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  • the respect of cultures, individuals, and opinions: encouraging the expression of this through positive action and international mindedness.
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  • honesty, fairness, respect, compassion, professionalism, and scholarly ethics

Natalie has worked as an international educator for more than 26 years.  She has worked with a range of national and international curriculum frameworks and thrives on finding herself in the written curriculum.  She is skilled and experienced in guiding others to do this too, turning documentation into implemented practice.

Natalie Croome
2 days