Policy Writing

  • Policy Writing

Course Summary

Policies ensure relevant legislation and statutory guidance are adhered to. Policies must remain living documents that adequately represent, shape and are shaped by practice. It is essential that policies are drafted in a clear and concise way in order to be understood. Policies are a legal requirement in educational settings and should be regularly reviewed and updated.


Who is this course for?

Anyone who has a duty to draft or edit policies, templates or procedural documents within an educational or care setting. This is an advanced course with a focus on safeguarding policy writing and strategy in relation to policy and procedure implementation. Anyone attending should have previously undertaken as a minimum, the introductory level course in child protection/Safeguarding. This course is specifically designed for:​

  • School Designated Safeguarding Leads;
  • Senior Leadership Team;
  • Heads and Deputy Head Teachers;
  • School Governors.


Aims of the course

Taught by experienced professionals from an education, human resources, policing and academic legal background, this course will provide delegates with:

  • A clear understanding of the legislative requirements and which key policies and procedures should be in place;
  • An opportunity to align operational practice to policy and procedure;
  • An opportunity to implement a clear strategy and guidance when drafting policy and procedure;
  • The knowledge to ensure all key policies are updated and implemented.

Intended Outcomes

Delegates will have the opportunity to learn how to:

  • Ensure all policies and procedures relating to safeguarding are in place and up to date;
  • Draft and update policies and procedures to represent practice and legislative changes;
  • Create a policy matrix for key inspectable policies;
  • Identify how to implement objectives within a policy and profile the reader;
  • Understand the importance of communicating key messages in a clear and concise format;
  • Identify how to create a clear and logical structure for all policies and procedures;
  • Create clear flowchart and process charts relevant to your setting;
  • Ensure policies and procedures are written in a clear active language that is understood by all;
  • Examine the importance of subheadings to guide and engage with the reader;
  • Ensure that a correct and consistent framework is used throughout;
  • Outline and plan each document;
  • Examine how to review and proofread effectively;
  • Ensure a review schedule is firmly in place with legislative guidance for changes and updates that are required for input.


Costs and Dates
  • AED 500 per delegate plus 5% VAT = AED 525
  • Dates:
  • New date coming in the Autumn Term 2021


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