Word and Number Skills for Educators

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Word and Number Skills for Educators

“The two days with Beth were insightful and thought-provoking. The fact that the information was delivered with lots of practical tasks and opportunities to use the mentoring in practice was incredibly useful. I came out far more confident about my own abilities in leading and mentoring a group of peers!”

 Programme Overview

Jumpstarting™ Inclusion: Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia  
Delivery Model

An eight-hour pre-recorded course with tasks and practice to be completed with students, end of module assessments and post-course reflection journal. 

Module 1: Underlying Essential Concepts 

Module 2: The Role of Mental Imagery and Learning  

Module 3: The Jumpstarting Process for Spelling  

Module 4: The Jumpstarting Process for Reading  

Module 5: The Jumpstarting Process for Handwriting and Copying from the Board  

Module 6: Implementation with Phonics 

Module 7: The Jumpstarting Process for Number Skills 

Module 8: Reaching the Harder to Reach – Coaching in the Classroom 

What is Included
  • Certificate of attendance.
  • Course material (if applicable)
  • AED 2000 per delegate plus 5% VAT
  • If you would like bespoke in-school training, please contact Paola (paola@infinitelearning.ae) for more information.
  • Discounts available for 3 or more delegates from the same school

Target audience

Early years, primary, inclusion officers and staff, school leaders and any secondary teaching staff who are working with struggling students 

Aims of the course

The Jumpstarting™ Process underscores a visual approach that educates students on developing and controlling their utilisation of mental imagery for words. Beyond bolstering mental imagery skills, the system assists in:  

  • Helping students’ entry into an effective learning state.  
  • Unveiling students’ internal mental processes, aiding their comprehension of individual learning strategies.  
  • Fostering metacognition by pinpointing strengths and refining ineffective strategies to foster greater academic success. 

The Jumpstarting™ Process is tailored to augment your conventional phonics program. Our exemplary session plans proffer insights into integrating the Jumpstarting™ Process both as an intervention tactic and in mainstream classrooms, especially for Reception and Early Years classes. 

Intended outcomes

Bridge the gap for students who are struggling with the current phonics or maths programs 

Sara Haboubi

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Sara Haboubi is a dedicated and seasoned professional with over 20 years of transformative experience in Ireland, specialising in training and coaching within the realms of personal and learning development. Throughout her career, Sara has demonstrated leadership in designing and delivering innovative educational development programs aimed at empowering individuals to unlock their potential and excel on their learning journey. Grounded in a deep understanding of human psychology and advanced learning techniques, Sara is committed to fostering growth, resilience, and lifelong learning in both individuals and teams. She is widely recognised for her ability to inspire positive change and drive tangible results. Currently, Sara is excited to bring her expertise to Dubai and across the UAE, where she is eager to contribute to the elevation of personal and educational development initiatives.

The Jumpstarting™ Courses for Educators is designed to support educators in their journey to meet the diverse needs of all students. 

 These comprehensive courses offer innovative solutions to tackle challenges in reading, spelling, and numeracy, empowering educators to foster academic success for every learner. Additionally on offer are in-school training, including talks and workshops for parents, aimed at creating a collaborative and supportive learning environment. 

Let’s work together to transform education and unlock the full potential of every student! 


Day One   
08:45  Registration and refreshments. 
09:00  Participant and trainer introductions 

Overview of the course 

Discussion surrounding current phonics and maths programs for struggling students 

Facts about dyslexia plus checklist for pre-screening including strengths as well as challenges 

10:30  Coffee Break. 
11:00  Spelling strategies – good spellers versus poor spellers 

Some neuroscience behind spelling, the impact of stress on learning and how to overcome test anxiety and brain freeze.  

Learning strategies vs learning styles 

The path to automaticity and what can hinder this. 

13:00  Lunch Break. 
14:00  The Jumpstarting™ Process for Spelling 

Demo and in-class exercises 

Integrating with current phonics program 

15:30  Finish. 


Day Two   
08:45  Networking and refreshments. 
09:00  Feedback and Q&A 
10:30  Coffee Break. 
11:00  The Jumpstarting™ Process for Reading  
13:00  Lunch Break. 
14:00  Jumpstarting™ Process for Handwriting 
15:30  Finish. 


Day Three   
08:45  Networking and refreshments. 
09:00  Feedback and Q&A 
10:30  Coffee Break. 
11:00  Jumpstarting™ Process for Number Skills  

Neuroscience behind dyscalculia and numerosity 

Mapping in the brain 

Developing automaticity 

13:00  Lunch Break. 
14:00  Reaching the harder to reach: Coaching for Students  
15:30  Finish. 


Sara Haboubi
8 hours