Health & Safety Officer

  • Health & Safety Officer

Course Summary

This course will ensure the facilities management team within the organisation are appropriately qualified and fully understand their safeguarding responsibilities and role in keeping children and young people safe.


The course addresses key issues in health and safety that could pose a risk to staff, the setting or the child.


The course addressed both crisis management and risk mitigation strategies in health safety using a robust record keeping matrix and understanding the importance of regular premises auditing.


Who is this course for?

This course is designed for:

  • Facilities teams
  • Facilities management


Aims of the course

The course will equip those who hold facilities management responsibilities to identify and mitigate risks posed to the child or young person.


The course will address key issues such as access control management, policy and procedure application, risk assessment and the importance of strict maintenance and policy matrix management.

Intended Outcomes

Taught by experienced professionals from a social service, education, health and safety or policing background delegates will be able to:

  • Evidence that there are appropriate policies in place which take into consideration the Safeguarding provision within the premises policies.
  • Evidence that a premises risk assessment is conducted rigorously by appropriate personnel on a regular basis and that appropriate remedial actions are both taken and recorded in order to meet and maintain Safeguarding compliance within the organisation’s premises.
  • Evidence that any third party using the organisations premises, be that in a commercial or voluntary capacity, has suitable insurance and risk assessments in place and fully understands and adheres to the organisations safeguarding culture.
  • Evidence that there is clarity over access and use of equipment including designated areas.
  • Evidence that the organisation is fully compliant with premises insurance and this is reviewed annually in line with the policy matrix.


Costs and Dates
  • AED 600 plus 5% VAT = AED 630
  • Dates:
  • New date coming for the Autumn Term 2021


Please contact Rebecca Annand to book your training date and further information.

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