Focus on BTECs: Delivering and Assessing Vocational Training to Young Adults

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Focus on BTECs: Delivering and Assessing Vocational Training to Young Adults


Programme Overview

Delivering Vocational Training – BTEC Focus
Delivery Model Face to Face
What is Included
  • Certificate of attendance.
  • Course material (if applicable)
  • AED 1890 per delegate plus 5% VAT
  • If you would like bespoke in-school training, please contact Rebecca ( for more information.
Deadline booking date:

Wednesday 30th November 2022

Date of Training Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th January 2023
Time (UAE)

8:30am to 3:30pm (UAE Time)

Platform Face to Face

Target audience

  • Teachers, trainers, and assessors who are new to teaching and assessing BTEC National Diplomas; those delivering on-the-job vocational learning. Practitioners who would appreciate a ‘refresher’ are also welcome although this is designed especially for novices.

Aims of the course

  • This course is designed to expose teachers, trainers and assessors to the delivery and assessment of BTEC National Diploma standards. This course is aimed at introducing or revitalising practitioners less familiar with BTEC expectations how to maximise and exploit vocational opportunities and learners’ abilities. Delegates will be expected to participate in activities designed to model strategies for engaging, motivating, and empowering independent learning.

Intended outcomes

  • Familiarise with BTEC aims and objectives and relationship with vocational competency
  • Distinguish between delivery and vocational learning opportunities 
  • Appreciate options for pre-requisites and progression routes
  • Experience learning and assessment strategies transferrable to own practice
  • Value quality assurance and control requirements
  • Explore delivery approaches and plans in own sector and context
  • Plan and prepare outlines for delivery
  • Reflect on own current and future practices

Jenny Harding

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Jenny Phillips has almost thirty years’ experience in the educational sector, roles include lecturer, teacher, trainer, manager, senior leader, inspector, coach and educational consultant. One of Jenny’s many passions is lifelong learning in multiple environments. She’s worked in all sectors supporting teachers, leaders and managers in educational and workplace settings to integrate vocational and competency-based learning enabling progression and independence. Jenny’s road into a career in education was far from straightforward. A background in industry including running businesses for herself and others never quite fulfilled the early dream of a career in teaching. The big break came to study part-time whilst continued to work and support her two children through their education. Jenny volunteered to gain teaching experience every evening whilst continuing in full-time employment and study, which lead to part-time paid work training teachers IT, computing and business studies. Jenny found her vocation and combined 10 teaching contracts with part-time work to support the family. Before long she gained a full-time college lecturer position, continued teaching nights and weekends and thrived on gaining 38 qualifications including 6 degrees at first and master’s levels in just 6 years. After Jenny rose through the ranks of manager and leader, she founded her highly successful consultancy business applying her transferable skills and knowledge, continuing with her own CPD by studying education at doctoral level. She is also currently is providing training as an Incyte International LTD Consultant.

Programme details:

08:30 Registration and refreshments

Delivering and assessing vocational learning

  • Defining vocational learning
  • Familiarisation of BTEC structure and values
  • Navigating BTEC standards
  • Appreciation of pre-requisites and progression routes
  • Assessment overview
11:00 Coffee break

Planning BTEC delivery and assessment

  • Interpreting assessment criteria and methods
  • Distinguishing between delivery and vocational learning opportunities
  • Differentiating between evidence and practice
  • Recognising competency and assessment opportunities
  • Structuring delivery and assessment
13:00 Lunch break

Preparing for quality outcomes

  • Assuring quality
  • Combining methods and locations for delivery of learning
  • Integrating creativity and resources to develop independent learners
  • Evaluating, reflection and action planning
  • Preparing for tomorrow.
15:30 Finish


08:30 Network & Refreshments

Putting into practice

  • Planning delivery: order, teams, locations, structure, and methods
  • Planning for assessment
  • Preparing for sharing
11:00 Coffee break

Presentations and feedback:

  • Exploring planning structures
  • Evaluating and reviewing
  • Giving feedback
13:00 Lunch break

Presentations, feedback and planning next steps

  • Sharing and evaluating plans
  • Action planning
  • Evaluation and close.
15:30 Finish


About JP Training & Consultancy

JP is a UK based company established in 2013 by an experienced consultant working predominantly in the post-compulsory sector across all levels, age ranges, abilities and contexts. JP’s portfolio of assignments extends beyond 4,000 specialising in raising standards and improving the quality of learning and teaching for all. It is a close associate of Incyte International Ltd.

Among the range of assignments, JP Training has trained and coached thousands of teachers, leaders and managers, undertaken strategic and operational quality checks and inspections representing Ofsted both in the UK and UAE; authored educational films, multiple educational books (including numerous BTECs) and interactive learning resources for students and practitioners; supported local, regional and national authorities through implementation of government policy and directives and encouraged collaboration between multi-agencies in supporting lifelong learning from cradle to grave.


Jenny Harding
2 days