Course Summary

This course will support your school in recognising and understanding the key principles required to keep children and staff safe during a potential lockdown or COVID-19 crisis situation.

The course supports delegates to understand why planning a school COVID-19 critical incident procedure is required.

The course identifies COVID-19 risk factors and potential threats and identifies methods of mitigation through scenario testing and strategy implementation.

Listen to the interview podcast on Dubai Eye 103.8 about safe opening of schools by Emily Konstantas of The Safeguarding Alliance.



Who is this course for?

Delegates who will be involved in educational emergency planning and COVID-19 critical incident management may wish to undertake this training:​

  • Covid-19 Health & Safety Officer (as required by KHDA)
  • School Nurse
  • School Doctor
  • Senior management
  • Facilities management
  • School Governor
  • Anyone involved in the Critical Incident Management


Aims of the course

This course aims to ensure schools know how to critically manage a COVID-19 lockdown or crisis situation.

Our training aim is that policy is embedded into practice and roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and identifiable

Intended Outcomes

Delegates will have the opportunity to learn how to:  

  • Ensure staff know how to handle a COVID-19 emergency situation; 
  • Identify roles and responsibilities in response to COVID-19 crisis management; 
  • Understand how to implement health and safety procedures;
  • Recognise COVID-19 symptoms;
  • Identify the available means of internal communication, the age of students, the site layout and the geographical location and what this means in a crisis situation; 
  • Identify what to plan in a COVID-19 lockdown situation on site; 
  • Recognise the need for flexibility in those plans could save lives and minimise injury; 
  • Understand in context to COVID-19 how to achieve effective full or partial lockdown; 
  • Understand the communication and media strategy for the organisation
Costs and Dates
  • AED 600 per delegate plus 5% VAT = AED 630
  • Dates:
  • Training dates have now taken place.  Please contact Rebecca Annand if you would like whole school/large group training –



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Thanks very much for delivering such an excellent course. It was extremely helpful. It reassured me that our current thinking and opening intentions are on the right track. More importantly, it brought to my attention some areas and procedures that hadn’t occurred to us. There was a lot to take in and we will certainly be making use of the documentation promised. – Rashid School for Boys, Dubai


I would like to thank everyone for this very valuable course. What Went Well – very knowledgeable presenters with great wealth of understanding of different regulations. Everything was relevant – just what was needed at this point prior to opening. We are all so focused on getting the learning environment read and sharing what we have done to make the school as safe as possible but the ‘what if’ scenario is just as vital. – Haileybury Astana School, Kazakhstan


The training was informative, case studies were good. A mitigation plan on the case studies is advisable to receive it. – The Arcadia School, Dubai


The case studies were very beneficial.  The content was varied and covered a wide scope. The lecturers were knowledgeable and the course presented well. That you will share documentation COVID ready with us, for e.g prepared press statements. Future Training I would be interested in any mental health and wellness training, Optimising Staff Performance I would ask to go onto your mailing list for courses that you will run.  – St Christopher’s School, Bahrain


A very good course.  Professional delivery.  Presenters were very knowledgeable.  Happy for people to ask questions.  Interesting scenarios to stimulate professional discussion. – Latifa School for Girls, Dubai