Assessing the NPQ Programmes

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Assessing the NPQ Programmes

Programme Overview
Assessor Training
Delivery Model Face to Face sessions
What is Included
  • NPQ Online Assessor Accreditation.
  • Certificate of attendance.
  • Delegate resources.
  • AED 2300 per delegate plus 5% VAT.
  • Discounts available for 3 or more delegates from the same school.
Deadline booking date

Wednesday 18th January

Face to Face Sessions Programme breakdown

Wednesday 1st March & Thursday 2nd March 2023

8:30pm to 4:00pm UAE time

  • Two days of F2F training.
  • Post-course assignment (assessment 2 to be completed).
Venue TBC
Target audience


School leaders or facilitators who would like to understand more about the assessment process or who would like to become assessors for the NPQ programmes.

Assessors need to have the credibility and experience to understand the content of the submissions they are assessing, and to make allowance for a wide variety of different settings. Assessors are only able to assess up to the level at which they have been a leader and will need to demonstrate their ability to understand varying contexts. Assessors must meet and maintain a required standard, and more than 15% of all assessments are moderated to ensure this standard is maintained.

*We are finding that the inclusion of the NPQEYL in the suite is adding some new items to address, because the requirement is not a teaching, but a Level 3 qualification. The course will be suitable for these participants as well*

Aims of the course
  • To familiarise the participants with the key characteristics of assessment.
  • To understand the process of assessment
  • To enable participants to develop their skills in assessing objectively.
  • To support participants in the competency framework for assessment
  • To share information on the assessment of the programmes and the link to their delivery and administration
Intended outcomes

At the end of the 2-day programme participants should:

  • Be confident and competent enough to undertake an assessment proper, and to move to accreditation as an assessor.
  • Have an understanding of the techniques to use for effective assessment, and informed explanatory notes.
  • Understand the style necessary to give effective feedback.
  • Understand the structure of the programmes and how this matches to differing or varied contexts.
  • Have a good understanding of the Content and Assessment Framework and DfE Mark Scheme.

St.John Burkett

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St.John is a director of NPQonline. Following fourteen years as a headteacher, St.John worked for the National College for Teaching and Learning as a member of their quality assurance team and an online facilitator, continuing this work as a director of the team into its new form, NPQonline. Having worked as an assessor and national moderator in the previous iteration of the NPQ programmes, he worked with EMSE and Frank Clare (Gateway assessment) to develop a final assessment model for the new NPQs. St.John also works as a school improvement partner, has been a Lead Inspector, and is signed off as an early years inspector. He has worked on a wide range of programmes and roles, including Tomorrow’s Heads, the national Chair of Governor training, Initial Teacher Training with a University, School reviewer for a Local Authority Trust, coach and face-to-face facilitator.

*We are finding that the inclusion of the NPQEYL in the suite is adding some new items to address, because the requirement is not a teaching, but a Level 3 qualification. The course will be suitable for these participants as well*


Programme details:

*  Times are UAE 8:30pm to 4:00pm

Day 1

  • Introduction to Assessment
  • Principles of Adult Assessment
  • DfE Requirements
  • What makes a good submission?
  • Assessor Skills & Documentation
  • Accurate Assessment
  • Exercise 1


Day Two

  • Marking for Specific Lead Providers
  • Feedback & the Handbook
  • Quality Assurance
  • Matching Submission to Assessment
  • Exercise 2



There will be two assessment exercises which must be completed. Exercise 1 will be started during the training day, and must be completed on the same day, so that feedback can be given by remote lead assessors overnight, ready for Day 2.

Exercise 2 will be started during Day 2, and should be completed soon after the second day. Again, feedback will be given. Completion of both exercises is required for course completion.

Following successful completion of exercise 2, participants are qualified to begin assessing. Further details will be given during the course.


About NPQ Online:

NPQOnline grew out of the team at the National College for Teaching and Learning which led a range of provision, including facilitated online courses for the NPQ programmes and those new to headship.

Each term, over 2,000 participants engage in facilitated online courses, and across the year, more than 120 NPQOnline assessors will assess and moderate around 6,000 submissions. We work closely with the DfE and the national quality assurance agent, Tribal, to ensure the consistency and quality of our provision. Tribal have moderated 100% of all NPQOnline assessments as accurate.

Participants undertaking programmes using NPQOnline provision have extremely high completion rates, and also evaluate the quality of their programmes very favourably. NPQOnline are currently developing online leadership courses suitable for a school or organisation, which uses content not included within the NPQ programmes.

St.John Burkett
Two days plus one self-study day