Arabic: Measuring creativity and intelligence according to global standards, Herman and Toranc

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Arabic: Measuring creativity and intelligence according to global standards, Herman and Toranc

Programme Overview

يتم تقديم الكورس باللغة العربية / This course is in Arabic

Measuring creativity and intelligence according to global standards – Herman and Toranc.
Delivery Model Face to Face session
What is Included
  • والمرطبات / Certificate of attendance.
  • الشهادات، الغداء / Course material.
  • المادة العلمية،. / Lunch and refreshments (if applicable).
  • AED 1100 per delegate plus 5% VAT
  • If you would like bespoke in-school training for a larger group of teachers, please contact Rebecca Annand ( who will be able to assist you.
Deadline booking date:
Wednesday 7th September 2022
Training dates and times
Saturday 24th September 2022
8:30am to 3:30pm UAE time
Programme breakdown
  • One-day training course.
  • Please note the training day is on Saturday.
Venue Dubai – to be confirmed

Please note: 
If COVID restrictions are introduced, this course will become an online version.  

Target audience

EYFS, PRIMARY and SECONDARY –TTeacher, leaders, teacher assistant, those interested in the field of gifted education and teaching creative thinking.

Aims of the course
  • The importance of knowing the capabilities of our students.
  • The importance of knowing the thinking pattern of the student or the person you are dealing with.
Intended outcomes

To know the ability to your students  

Omaima Shahwan

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أميمة شهوان مدرب شخصي وشركات / مستشار تربوي / مدرب محترف ICF PCC / أكثر من خمسة عشر عامًا من الخبرة كمدرس للغة العربية والإسلامية. إنها مصدر إلهام ودعم لتطوير التعلم والتعليم والتقييم والتعلم عبر المناهج الدراسية. هي حاصلة على شهادة قيادة من جامعة هارفارد. لديها درجة الماجستير في ابتكار تعليم القيادة Omaima Shahwan personal& Corporate Coach/Educatinal consultant/ICF professional coach PCC/trainer, over fifteen years’ experience as Arabic and Islamic schoolteacher. She is inspiring and supporting of the development of learning, teaching, assessment and learning across the curriculum. She a leadership certificate from Harvard University. Omaima has been a senior leader consultant since 2015, having created and developed a highly effective team in the Arabic and Islamic department. Her teaching is consistently outstanding, always making a positive contribution to teacher development through conferences, internal inset and curriculum development. Omaima works with primary and secondary in improving the curriculum with challenging achievable objectives. She has led a number of courses for schools in the Middle East, on aspects of the Islamic and Arabic curriculum, such as how to build strong Assessment according to KHDA requirements, creative writing, how to make teaching Arabic interesting, critical thinking, and more. Omaima provides high-quality personalised consultancy, coaching and training for the development of Arabic and Islamic teachers and leaders. She has worked with different schools as a consultant in producing a teacher Guide for grade 6-12 for Arabic and Islamic studies.

Programme breakdown

This workshop give you the tools  of measuring creativity and intelligence) according to global standards, Herman and toranc and how to corrected.

يتم تقديم الكورس باللغة العربية / This course is in Arabic


Day 1

Timings Programme
08:45 التسجيل وقهوة الصباح / Registration and refreshments
09:00 Herman Scale
10:30 استراحة / Coffee break
11:00 Torrance Scale
13:00 استراحة غداء / Lunch break
14:00 Applying Herman and Torrance scale
15:30 الانتهاء / Finish


Omaima Shahwan
1 day