Arabic: Enriching Teaching and Learning of Arabic and Islamic Education

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Arabic: Enriching Teaching and Learning of Arabic and Islamic Education

Programme Overview

يتم تقديم الكورس باللغة العربية / This course is in Arabic


Enriching Teaching and Learning of Arabic and Islamic Education

Delivery Model Face to Face session
What is Included
  • والمرطبات / Certificate of attendance.
  • الشهادات، الغداء / Course material.
  • المادة العلمية،. / Lunch and refreshments (if applicable).
  • AED 1210 per delegate plus 5% VAT
  • Discounts available for 3 or more delegates from the same school
  • If you would like bespoke in-school training for a larger group of teachers, please contact Isabelle ( who will be able to assist you.
Deadline booking date
COURSE CONFIRMED – Places Still Available
Training dates and times
Wednesday 17th May 2023 
8:45am to 3:30pm UAE time
Programme breakdown
  • One-day training course
Venue TBC

Please note: 
If COVID restrictions are introduced, this course will become an online version.  

Target audience

Arabic Teachers and Leaders

Aims of the course

A motivating course, designed to encourage Arabic teachers to try new methodologies/ strategies to enrich the student’s learning experience.

It is full of activities and discusses best practices to engage students and keep them motivated. Teachers will learn from each other and discuss what works well and even better if…

Intended outcomes
  • Discuss the obstacles teachers find when planning their lessons
  • Conclude the importance of collaborative team work to enrich the Arabic curriculum
  • Design a graphic organizer highlighting the best practices and creative approaches they can use with different age groups to keep students motivated
  • Explore how to use the same activity at different times as a warm up activity/ main activity of the lesson/ or a wrap up activity
  • Identify the importance of differentiation and ongoing assessments to offer all students’ the best learning experience

• مناقشة العوائق التي يجدها المعلمون عند

التخطيط لدروسهم • استنتاج أهمية العمل الجماعي التعاوني لإثراء

منهج اللغةالعربية والتربية الإسلامية • تصميم مخطط بياني يسلط الضوء على أفضل

الممارسات والأساليب الإبداعية التي يمكن استخدامها
مع الفئات العمرية المختلفة للحفاظ على تحفيز    

الطلاب • اكتشاف كيفيةاستخدام نفس النشاط في أوقات

مختلفة كنشاط تهيئة حافزة / نشاط رئيسي للدرس /  
أو نشاط ختامي                                  

• مناقشة أهمية التمايز والتقييمات المستمرة لتقديم أفضل تجربة تعليمية لجميع الطلاب

Rania Nasr

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Rania is a Dubai-based training and education consultant exclusively dedicated to improving the quality of teaching and learning across schools in the Middle East. Her goal is to ultimately move away from traditional teacher-centred practices, to creating a more learner-focused environment in the classroom by incorporating the most recent teaching methodologies and best practices while encouraging students to engage in higher order thinking skills and ultimately motivating them to achieve the standards set by the Ministry of Education. Her cross-cultural domain expertise gives us unique insight and ability to cater to the challenges schools face on daily basis. She provides expertise services in: professional development workshops; Training teachers on how to create teaching resources that adhere to curriculum standards and benchmarks; school evaluations; staff recruitment; curriculum documentation; establishing criteria for teacher observation and evaluation

Programme breakdown

يتم تقديم الكورس باللغة العربية / This course is in Arabic


Day 1

Timings Programme
08:45 Registration and refreshments

Scene Setting

  • Discussing difficulties teachers face to stay motivated and keep their students


  • Establishing ways to enrich the Arabic curriculum to enrich student’s learning


10:30 Coffee break

The links between best practices, differentiation, and ongoing assessment

12:30 Lunch break

Ways to move forward in the right direction

‘What next, where next …and how?

14:45 Finish


Rania Nasr
1 Day