An Eye on Outstanding? The UAE Inspection Framework

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An Eye on Outstanding? The UAE Inspection Framework

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  • Last Updated March 16th, 2022
Programme Overview
An Eye on Outstanding?  The UAE Inspection Framework – Aiming for Outstanding in the Early Years!
Delivery Model Face to Face sessions
What is Included
  • Certificate of attendance.
  • Course material 
  • Refreshments and lunch (if applicable)
  • AED 1200 per delegate plus 5% VAT
  • Discounts available for 3 or more delegates from the same school.
  • If you would like bespoke, in-school training, please contact Rebecca ( for more information.
Deadline booking date


Date of Training Tuesday 15th November 2022
Time (UAE) 8:30am to 3:30pm
Venue Dubai – to be confirmed

Please note: 
If COVID restrictions are introduced, this course will become an online training session.

Target audience

EYFS and PRIMARY – Early Years Leaders, Reception and Nursery teachers and Primary Leaders.


Intended outcomes
  • To explore the implications of the UAE Inspection Framework for Early Years Education in detail.  To consider a range of strategic and creative approaches for managing on-going self-evaluation in the Early Years, based on in-depth knowledge of the framework
  • To be able to analyse information from the Self-Evaluation and use this strategically to plan for continuous improvement, monitor progress and impact on standards toward outstanding practice in the Early Years.

Pam Mundy

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Pam Mundy is currently Director of Pam Mundy Associates and a renowned international speaker, author and consultant. Pam is also a qualified CIS Team Leader, an Early Years Inspector skilled in supporting schools and settings toward and through inspections and is an Early Years/Primary Specialist. She is a passionate advocate for teaching, learning and leadership – and the significant impact that the earliest years have on children’s life, learning and their future world. She holds a variety of international Board Roles and is a Director of Ready Generations focused on the cultural and holistic life of the child, an Education Advisory Board member for NEOM, a new city in KSA and Chairs the Advisory Board for the Chatmore British International Schools in Bermuda. Pam provides professional development, challenge, support and strategic guidance for a wide range of K-12 schools, Early Childhood settings, government agencies and Ministries of Education nationally and internationally (currently in the United States, Kazakhstan, Brunei, South America, Chile, South Korea, South East Asia, China, Africa, India, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Singapore, Indonesia, Europe and the United Kingdom). Her focus is on early childhood leadership, learning, teaching, curriculum and assessment. Pam ensures that she spends time learning directly from children and the adults who support their learning – the most inspirational aspect of her work! As an international Early Years consultant, working across the globe, Pam has the privilege of supporting Early Years Leaders as each country responds to the Covid 19 pandemic and the unique position of being directly involved as Nurseries and schools locked down, transitioned to online learning (a complex challenge with very young children) and now begin to return … to different interpretations of what ‘the future’ may mean! Based, as always, in practical, research-based and guidance and first-hand experience, this programme is designed to provide direct and relevant support and challenge for Early Years leader as they navigate, strive (and thrive!) in this new territory. It includes an opportunity to access individual support and ‘bolt-on’ opportunities to design in-school ‘live’ follow up sessions for Early Years Teams if requested. own lives and positively influence our students and our colleagues.

Programme details:

Children in the Early Years have a right to be ‘rich children’ in all aspects of their lives. It is the earliest years of education that provide our youngest children with the foundation for all future life and learning, encompassing; the child’s home and family, social relationships and the programs, health and well-being, aspects of learning and subjects.

The impact of the recent world health crisis has highlighted even more importantly the recognition of the need for children to have access to the highest quality in their earliest years and for early childhood setting and schools to re-evaluate their own practice and provision. The UAE has an ambitious National Agenda and a rigorous Inspection Framework to support the evaluation of schools, including Early Years settings and Kindergartens. Nurseries not currently under the UAE Inspection system will benefit from aspects of the course covering self-evaluation and be supported in planning for improvement. The UAE Framework will help schools and settings to evaluate their own practice, celebrate success, identify areas for development and support a process of continuous improvement whilst also providing a ‘unified basis’ for the evaluation of all early years’ provision in the UAE. However, it is critical that schools use the Framework as a guide for high quality practice, rather than an annual ‘preparation for inspection’

This interactive course explores the UAE Inspection Framework and in detail, from the principles behind the process, through a detailed analysis and support for authentic application of the content and a practical opportunity to begin or to review the current self-evaluation process.  The focus is on supporting Early Years leaders and teachers to understand the process, be confident and proactive in using the UAE Inspection Framework efficiently and effectively in practice and to manage self-evaluation in a focused, impact evident and strategic way.

Schools not under the UAE Framework will also benefit from this course in light of their own context and inspection or accreditation system.


Day One
08:30 Registration and refreshments
08:45 A Framework for Learning?  Exploring the new DSIB School Inspection Framework and the National Agenda
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 What lies Beneath?  Drilling down further …the Performance Indicators
13:00 Lunch Break
13:30 A View from the Bridge?  Using the UAE Self Evaluation Guidelines to drive improvement
And Breathe? Detective Stories?  Considering the evidence and action for impact
15:30 Finish


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