Many thanks for your interest in the NPQH, NPQML or NPQSL programme with Infinite Learning and Leadership CoLab, Institute of Education, UCL. We know many of you are keen to begin these programmes next academic year.

Infinite Learning is hoping to run these programmes, as we have done in previous years, with the NPQH beginning in the autumn term (September 2017) and the NPQSL and the NPQML beginning in the spring term (January 2018).

As part of the recent British Government DfE revision of the programmes, all national providers were asked to re-apply for accreditation to run the revised programmes. Last month (July 2017) Leadership CoLab, Institute of Education, UCL received the good news that they have been accredited by DfE to run the NPQH programme in the UK (along with the NPQSL and NPQML programmes) from autumn this year. They have not yet had confirmation from DfE that they can run the programmes internationally, although they are hopeful that this will be forthcoming and they are actively chasing an answer.  There are apparently some legal issues that need to be addressed for delivery in an international context before the DfE can confirm.

Leadership Colab, and therefore Infinite Learning, will be the first to know about the decision due to the regular correspondence we have had with the DfE and as soon as we know the situation we will let you know via updates on this webpage. This should be within the next couple of weeks.

Please keep checking this webpage for updates as we will announce any news here. We are chasing for an answer on a daily basis and will let you know as soon as we have any further updates.

How will this affect the content/structure/pricing of the programmes?

It is likely that there will be a slightly new structure/content for the next cohorts for all 3 programmes. The DfE/NCTL are currently in the process of updating the NPQH programme and there will be a new version of it later this year. Leadership CoLab, Institute of Education, UCL have submitted revised programmes for the NPQML and the NPQSL. It is likely that the entry process will be similar to the current ones and that the content will not differ dramatically. Potential applicants might like to look at the current information to get an idea of what the programmes involve – please see the flyer links below. We suspect the costs to be similar to this year.

Why Infinite Learning has chosen to work with Leadership CoLab, Institute of Education, UCL:

  • Leadership CoLab is the largest provider of the National Professional Qualifications Internationally and in the UK. (Consequently, you will have the opportunity to work and build lifelong networks with a wide range of colleagues across setting, context and phase.)
  • Licenses for the NPQ programmes are not ‘bought’; rather Leadership CoLab (UCL IOE) had to tender and put in a full presentation to win the bid.
  • Participants undertaking the NPQH with Infinite Learning /Leadership CoLab (UCL IOE) will have access to all 9 modules which will be delivered by highly experienced, quality assured IOE facilitators.
  • NCTL continue to quality assure both the licenses and the delivery of these NPQ programmes. (Indeed the UK government is currently considering re-establishing the role NCTL will play in UK Leadership Development Programmes).
  • UCL is in the top 5 universities in the world and IOE is number 1 for education research.

The National Professional Qualification for Headteachers (NPQH)  

NPQH is still the first-choice qualification for anyone aspiring to become a headteacher or principal. In the UK around 87% of governors still insist on NPQH for headship appointments and the UK Government has committed to continuing with the qualification in the future.

This programme will hopefully commence in the autumn term 2017. Once the application window/gateway assessment is open, we will let you know immediately. We hope you will be able to book your place from September 2017.

The National Professional Qualification for Middle Leaders (NPQML) and Senior Leaders (NPQSL)

The NPQML and NPQSL form the first 2 steps in a tri-stage leadership development programme culminating in the revered NPQH.

Both programmes will commence in January 2018 and you will be able to book your place from September 2017 onwards. The application deadline will be in November 2017.

Where will the training take place?

The programmes will run in the UAE. Infinite Learning Partner Schools with participating facilitators will take it in turns to host the F2F sessions throughout the year.

Registering with Infinite Learning and Leadership CoLab (UCL IOE) – the process

  1. Delegates should sign up initially via the Infinite Learning website. (We will announce when registration is available)
  2. Infinite Learning will direct delegates to the Leadership CoLab, Institute of Education, UCL website for on-line application (deadline TBC).
  3. Leadership CoLab (UCL IOE) will assess each application.
  4. Leadership CoLab (UCL IOE) will send an initial letter informing delegates if they have/have not been accepted onto the programme.
  5. Infinite Learning will email all accepted delegates to inform them of their cohort grouping and to introduce them to their facilitators.

Supporting documents

Please find links below to the following 2016-17 documents which outline who should apply, the module content for each programme, the costs and the impact and benefits of undertaking these programmes, both to you and your school. 2017-18 documents will be available as soon as we have more news from the DfE and the new programmes.


NPQH 2016-17 Flyer

NPQSL 2016-17 Flyer

NPQML 2016-17 Flyer