Many thanks for your interest in the NPQH, NPQML or NPQSL programme with Infinite Learning and Leadership CoLab, UCL Institute of Education. We know many of you are keen to begin these programmes as soon as possible and we thank you for your continued patience in a situation where matters have been out of our control.

I am delighted to announce that we now have more information to share with you and a clear path forwards in terms of offering all 3 Leadership programmes. Infinite Learning, in partnership with Leadership CoLab, UCL Institute of Education, will open the application windows for all three programmes in December 2017 with a view to the programmes commencing in February 2018.

Please read below for a summary of ‘where we are currently’ and what we are proposing moving forwards.


The Background

As part of the recent British Government DfE revision of the programmes, all national providers were asked to re-apply for accreditation to run the revised NPQ programmes. In July 2017 Leadership CoLab, Institute of Education, UCL received the good news that they have been accredited by DfE to run the NPQH, NPQSL and NPML programmes in the UK, as well as the new executive leadership programme NPQEL.

The Current Situation

Unfortunately, the DfE has still yet to authorize international delivery of these programmes under the NPQ title. The delay is due to the legal issues around the working of the original tender which stated “delivery in England”. However, the IOE has very close contacts with the DfE and has had several positive meetings with them on this matter. They are very encouraging about wanting to support international delivery and agree that it is the logical outcome. We are therefore hopeful and should have a more definite answer early in 2018.

December 2017 Application Window

We appreciate how frustrating this is for all parties and how keen many of you are to continue your professional development through these revered blended-learning programmes. It is important to note that Leadership CoLab, UCL Institute of Education, having been accredited by the DfE to run the NPQH, NPQSL and NPML programmes in the UK, now has ownership of the programme content delivery days and can deliver and accredit all three programmes as an international version (E.G. IPQH/IPQSL/IPQML – exact names to be confirmed if this is the final outcome). The content, delivery and assessment of these programmes would be exactly the same as the NPQs and would be recognised as such in any certification awarded.

To that end, we have negotiated the following with Leadership CoLab, UCL Institute of Education:

  • Leadership CoLab, UCL Institute of Education, will open an international application window in December 2017 for all 3 programmes – NPQML, NPQSL and NPQH
  • Prior to this, interested parties must officially register with Infinite Learning by booking their place online (see links below)
  • Once delegates have registered with us, we will send them the relevant application form which will enable potential candidates to start planning their application
  • Formal applications will be submitted on-line in December and candidates will be notified by Leadership CoLab, UCL Institute of Education, of the outcomes in January 2018
  • Induction sessions will be held in early February 2018 with the programmes beginning soon after that.  (For the NPQH this will be an induction WebEx)
  • The NPQH will be delivered in Dubai by the same group of facilitators who deliver in the UK -highly experienced Facilitators from Leadership CoLab (UCL IOE)
  • The NPQSL and NPQML will be delivered, as they are currently, by Infinite Learning Facilitators based in the region. All our facilitators are practicing senior leaders headteachers and principals.

So, to summarise the process and potential outcomes:

There are 2 possible outcomes for these programmes:

  1. The DfE approves delivery of these programmes overseas and the programmes will be awarded as NPQs. We should have an answer on this by early 2018.
  2. The DfE do not approve delivery of these programmes overseas – which means that no provider can offer these outside of the UK. In such a case, the progrmames will then be accredited be UCL Institute of Education and you will be awarded the UCL-IOE International Professional Qualification for Headteachers/Senior Leaders/Middle Leaders.
  3. Please note that the application process, course content and delivery and assessment process would be exactly the same as for the NPQs.

The New Programmes

All three programmes have been re-written. The content is very similar to the previous programmes but the structure and delivery has slightly changed.

The Structure

All three programmes have the same 6 content areas and the same seven leadership behaviours.

The six content areas set out what a leader should know or be able to do:

  • Managing Resources and Risks
  • Teaching and Curriculum Excellence
  • Strategy and Improvement
  • Leading with Impact
  • Working in Partnership
  • Increasing Capability

The seven leadership behaviours focus on how the best leaders operate:

  • Commitment
  • Collaboration
  • Resilience
  • Integrity
  • Personal Drive
  • Awareness
  • Respect

The Delivery

  • The NPQH has 5 Face to Face days. They will be delivered in Dubai as a 2-day and then a 3-day block.
  • The NPQSL has 5 Face to Face days. They will be delivered in Dubai as blocks of 2 days, 2 days and 1 day.
  • The NPQML has 4 Face to Face days. They will be delivered in Dubai as blocks of 2 days and 2 days.


Please follow the link below to access the NPQ Calendar of Events 2017-18:



More information, including delivery dates, can be found in the programme flyers. Please follow the links below:

NPQH 2018

NPQSL 2018

NPQML 2018


We are pleased to inform you that there has been no increase in costs and the programme fees remain the same as in previous years:

NPQH              AED 28,500

NPQSL            AED 7,500

NPQML           AED 4,500

Registering with Infinite Learning and accessing the Application Form

  1. Delegates should initially register their interest with Infinite Learning via the Infinite Learning website. Please follow the links below.
  2. Once we receive your registration we will send you the relevant application form and the registration fee invoice of AED 500. The registration fee is non-refundable but will be deducted from the programme fee once you are accepted onto your programme of choice.
  3. Please note that this application form is for your personal use only and is not to be submitted to either Infinite Learning or Leadership CoLab, UCL Institute of Education. It is intended to help you prepare for the Leadership CoLab, UCL Institute of Education on-line application window which will open in December 2017.




Registering with Leadership CoLab, UCL Institute of Education

  1. As soon as this application window us open, Infinite Learning will direct all registered delegates to the Leadership CoLab, UCL Institute of Education website for on-line application (deadline TBC).
  2. Leadership CoLab, UCL Institute of Education will assess each application.
  3. Leadership CoLab, UCL Institute of Education will send an initial letter informing delegates if they have/have not been accepted onto the programme.
  4. Infinite Learning will email all accepted delegates to inform them of their cohort grouping and to introduce them to their facilitators.


Why Infinite Learning has chosen to work with Leadership CoLab, UCL Institute of Education:

  • Leadership CoLab is the largest provider of the National Professional Qualifications
  • Internationally and in the UK. (Consequently, you will have the opportunity to work and build lifelong networks with a wide range of colleagues across setting, context and phase.)
  • Licenses for the NPQ programmes are not ‘bought’; rather Leadership CoLab (UCL IOE) had to tender and put in a full presentation to win the bid.
  • Participants undertaking the NPQH with Infinite Learning /Leadership CoLab (UCL IOE) will have access to all 9 modules which will be delivered by highly experienced, quality assured IOE facilitators.
  • NCTL continue to quality assure both the licenses and the delivery of these NPQ programmes. (Indeed the UK government is currently considering re-establishing the role NCTL will play in UK Leadership Development Programmes).
  • UCL is in the top 5 universities in the world and IOE is number 1 for education research.

About UCL IOE:

The UCL Institute of Education is a world-leading school for education and social science. Founded in 1902, we currently have over 7,000 students and 1,000 staff. We are active in every continent.

In the 2014 QS World University Rankings, we were ranked number one for education worldwide. We were shortlisted in the ‘University of the Year’ category of the 2014 Times Higher Education (THE) awards.

They have trained more than 10,000 teachers over the past decade and in January 2014, we were recognised by Ofsted for our ‘outstanding’ initial teacher training across primary, secondary and further education. In the most recent Research Excellence Framework, half our research was judged to be world-leading (i.e., awarded the highest grade of 4*) and we were ranked 1st for research strength in the field of education, across all UK universities. The findings of our high-quality research have influenced government activity and policy in areas from early years to higher education and workplace learning.

UCL also specialise in study and research in health, psychology and longitudinal studies, among other areas of social science. Our three birth cohort studies have had a major impact over many years on policy for health, gender equality and young people.

The National Professional Qualification for Headteachers (NPQH)  

NPQH is still the first-choice qualification for anyone aspiring to become a headteacher or principal. In the UK around 87% of governors still insist on NPQH for headship appointments and the UK Government has committed to continuing with the qualification in the future.

The National Professional Qualification for Middle Leaders (NPQML) and Senior Leaders (NPQSL)

The NPQML and NPQSL form the first 2 steps in a tri-stage leadership development programme culminating in the revered NPQH.

Why choose these qualifications for my staff or myself?

The National Qualification ensures high quality of delivery and assessment. Due to the range of self-directed learning it shows employers that the person is highly motivated and willing to engage in their own learning to develop themselves in or for a role as a leader. Participants grow and develop on these programmes and show impact and sustainability through the work they need to undertake. High quality leaders improve the life chances for children and young people in our schools. Delegates have the opportunity to get 30 Masters Level Credits (at an additional cost) by writing a reflective 5000 word essay around leadership.

How will my school benefit from sending staff on these programmes?

Perhaps the greatest strength of these programmes (other than that delegates will leave with an Accredited National Qualification at the end) is the blended learning approach. The programmes demand that delegates engage in a mixture of workplace learning, face-to-face activity, including peer and facilitated learning, reading, reflection and online learning.

It is notoriously difficult to assess the value and impact of any Professional Development upon improved student learning outcomes. With the NPQ programmes, participants, as an integral part of their assessment, have to demonstrate, via their School Based Project, that they can deliver a successful and sustainable school improvement project in their school setting. They have to allow a minimum of two full terms to show the impact and sustainability of their leadership initiatives. This in turn increases their understanding of, and confidence in working with, data (both qualitative and quantitative) and in researching and recording their findings. As schools witness very real and tangible results and ‘gaps’ being closed, the impact of these programmes becomes clear.

Why work with Leadership CoLab (UCL IOE) and Infinite Learning cluster model?

Delegates will:

  • work with the top university in the world for education
  • leave with an Accredited National Qualification at a highly competitive rate
  • be part of a more sustainable and collaborative approach to Professional Learning and collaboration amongst a group of like-minded schools in the region. (Consider David H Hargreaves’ Self-Improving School System’)
  • experience a highly effective blended-learning approach. The programmes demand that delegates engage in a mixture of workplace learning, face-to-face activity, including peer and facilitated learning, reading, reflection and online learning
  • have access to a very intuitive online learning system that has a wealth of resources, think-pieces and access to some of the top educationalists and their work
  • through this on-line platform delegates will also be able to engage in professional dialogue with a diverse range of leaders both locally and internationally across all phases and contexts: inner city, urban, rural, coastal, state, independent, academies, free schools
  • enjoy high-quality, flexible face-to-face sessions, facilitated by Infinite Learning Partner School Principals, Headteachers and Senior Leaders who have been trained by Leadership CoLab (UCL IOE) programme leaders
  • enjoy the opportunity of learning from these senior leaders who are currently working in the Middle East, and thereby benefit from their international experience and their understanding of the context and culture in which we educate
  • have the opportunity to develop, within their own cohorts, their own unique aspects to the programme to fit their context and the context of their school
  • experience networking opportunities and be part of the region’s ‘succession planning’ for the future leadership pipeline enjoy Quality Assurance through Leadership CoLab (UCL IOE)