Counselling Skills for Schools at Sunmarke School

Today saw us introduce our final CPD programme of the year, Counselling Skills for Schools. It was wonderful to have 35 delegates from so many different areas within a school: Principals, Assistant heads, HOYs, HODs, TAs, Nurses, Admissions officers,  Classroom Teachers, Counsellors and SENCOs. This is clearly indicative of what an important area of training this is since Counselling Skills are required in so many roles within a school.

Our trainers, Andrya Andreou and Erica Hedges, respectively leading the Secondary and the Primary phases, come with a collective wealth of experience. Over the 2 day programme, under the expert guidance of Andrya and Erica, delegates will:

  • Understand two different approaches to counselling in schools and be able to identify when each should be used.
  • Understand and apply an ethical framework when working with children.
  • Learn how to negotiate a contract with a child/young person.
  • Explore and refine communication and counselling skills, such as active listening, observation and questioning.
  • Explore and develop core creative techniques using play therapy skills.
  • Gain greater understanding of the qualities of Empathy, Atunement and Authenticity.
  • Underpin their understanding and work with children and young people within child development and attachment theory.
  • Deepen their understanding and practice of self-awareness and self-care.
  • Enhance their repertoire of approaches for working with Children, young people families and colleagues.

The course comes with Level 3 accreditation and delegates will be expected to document their learning through a journal and case study.

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A huge thanks to Sunmarke School for hosting this event.